Duke OL Chance Lytle Sings Opera

‘The Voice Of An Angel’

Get ready to be astounded.

OL Duke Chance Lytle has some pipes. The 6-foot-7, 300+ pounder displayed his impressive vocal prowess by putting on a full-fledged opera performance in front of his colleagues.

The huge man was prominently featured in a video that was uploaded to the Duke football team’s TikTok account, serenading his fellow Blue Devils while perched on a chair.

Duke’s official football team’s Twitter account said, “The voice of an angel.” Lytle said, “Always a joy singing for ya’ll.

The squad was hushed as Lytle performed, but when the large guy was done, they broke out in a raucous round of leaping around and chanting, “Ay, ay, ay, ay!”

Luciano Pavarotti would be proud 🙂

After earning a dual degree in psychology and music and voice performance from the University of Colorado, according to The Fayetteville Observer, Lytle joined the Blue Devils football team.

Of course, it shouldn’t be shocking that Chance can strike high notes. In a video that was uploaded to the ACC Network’s official Facebook page, Lytle gave a charming operatic introduction to himself.

Meet Chance Lytle, the Renaissance Man of Duke Football, according to the post.

Here’s another video of Chance singing opera…

They say that first impressions are everything, and it’s obvious that Lytle is impressing his new comrades with his musical abilities.

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