Meanie Kendall Jenner Makes Her Staff Hold Her Umbrella

Kendall Jenner has faced backlash from fans after photos emerged of her walking in the rain with an umbrella being held by a member of her staff. The photos, which were shared on a popular Kardashian fan forum, show the reality star and model wearing black leggings, a light blue sweatshirt, slip-on boots, and a black purse, while her staff member, dressed in a raincoat, holds the umbrella above her. Fans criticized Jenner for seemingly hiring someone to hold her umbrella while they were getting soaked and suggested that it would be more considerate to hold the umbrella herself. Comments included “I don’t care how rich I am but I would feel so bad letting someone hold my umbrella for me while they are getting soaked” and “She really thinks she deserves this treatment.”

Many fans felt that Jenner should have held her own umbrella, as it would have been more considerate towards her staff member. Some even expressed their disappointment that the reality star did not seem to care about the well-being of her staff. “Yes! I was just thinking how I couldn’t allow someone to hold an umbrella for me because I’m too lazy to hold it myself,” one fan commented.

Additionally, some fans felt that the incident was a reflection of Jenner’s privilege and lack of empathy. “And a fourth lashed out: “She really thinks she deserves this treatment,” while one more claimed that Kendall “didn’t care” about her staff taking the brunt of the storm,” the article read. It is worth noting that without more context it’s impossible to know the full story, and it’s possible that the staff member was happy to hold the umbrella.

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