Kitty Don’t Care What You Think He Will Push Your Things Off Any Table

Why do cats knocks things off tables?

Cats may knock things off tables or other surfaces for several reasons. One possible explanation is that cats have a natural hunting instinct, and knocking objects off a surface can simulate the experience of catching prey. In the wild, cats may hunt small animals such as mice or birds by pouncing on them and knocking them down, so knocking things off a table could be a way for domesticated cats to engage in this behavior.

Another reason why cats may knock things off tables is that they are curious animals and enjoy exploring their surroundings. By knocking objects off a surface, they can investigate them further and potentially find something interesting to play with or chew on.

In some cases, cats may knock things off tables simply to get attention from their owners. If a cat feels ignored or wants to play, they may knock objects off a table as a way to initiate interaction.

It’s important to note that while knocking things off tables may be a natural behavior for cats, it can also be frustrating for their owners. To prevent damage to objects in the home, it’s a good idea to provide cats with plenty of toys and playtime, as well as clear surfaces where they can roam without knocking things over.

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